saint_leven (saint_leven) wrote in teasdaleeol,

Lyons Gate - the Library

"The devil take it!" Damien near shouted as he paced along the thick Abusson carpet in front of his desk. The single missive held in his right hand, giving him no clue as to its bearer.

"I'm sorry my lord. But it was just there. Laying on the floor, slipped under the door. By the time I saw it, it was too late, the deliverer was well gone." Beams said stoically near the entranceway.

"Did you search the premises."

"Aye, my lord."

"Who would dare to think to insult me? Damnation!" He cursed low, moving behind his desk to sit and pen a note to Alex, despite the words he just read.

"My lord, might I suggest you remember your fiance."

Damien looked over at his manservant, his blue eyes cold, hard.

"Very good my lord." Beams said, turning and leaving the library to his master, but always ever close should he be instantly summoned.

Damien took out a piece of plain foolscap, inexpensive and without detail. And he began to write...
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