Diana Morton (dianamorton) wrote in teasdaleeol,
Diana Morton

In town, as per her husband's orders

After writing a quick note to her mother, Diana and the housekeeper set out for town. The ride was rather pleasant, though the housekeeper went on and on about Philip, apparently she had been working for him for several years and her report of him was absolutely glowing. Diana tolerated all this rather well until she began to speak on how handsome he was, she had to quickly change the subject of course. Philip was... pleasant looking but she found it very hard to get over his cold manner and his utter loathing of her, which was of course, completely unwarranted, she had been all but perfect in her behavior towards him.

The ride did not take too long and soon Diana was handing out her husband's card to every shop-keep in every shop and stall. She stalled in the booksellers, her eyes lovingly scanning the leather clad volumes before her, the housekeeper had given up on trying to get her mistress out of the store so she merely left her be while she went back to the fruit stall.

Perhaps she was not exactly following her husband's orders, for she had met no one other than the shopkeepers, but there was nothing in the world she would pass up a good book for.
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