Antonia Krespel (antoniakrespel) wrote in teasdaleeol,
Antonia Krespel

Noon at the Krespel Home

Antonia passed through the hallway of the Krespel home, stopping before a mirror briefly to adjust her purple travelling jacket and dress, striving for an effortless appearance. Today she had allowed her hair to flow freely, a bit tired of constantly having more pins than she could count atop her crown. It was meant to be a day of relaxation in the country with her fiancee, not a full formal event, after all.

She seemed to float about a bit from place to place, the memory of Damien's steamy kiss upon her arm still fresh in her memory. Part of her longed to feel such a delightful sensation once more, but she could not, nor would not, instigate such an instance herself. She was far too timid and clearly too inexperienced in the ways of love for something like that.

Her thoughts were distracted by a servant who approached her with the picnic basket and a small travelling bag filled with blankets and napkins. She instructed him to place them by the door while she waited until her fiancee would arrive.
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