Dr. Christopher Augustus Belmonte (drchrisbelmonte) wrote in teasdaleeol,
Dr. Christopher Augustus Belmonte

Continuation of the catastrophe at the Prescot hoome...

After staying with Ashton until he finally relaxed into a state of repose, Christopher had another cup of tea made, not with valerian root, and carried the tray to the room where he had been told his fiancee was resting herself. He knocked quietly upon the door and allowed himself entry into the room without waiting to hear her reply. He absolutely needed to examine her and, more importantly, speak with her. He loved her so dearly that it frightened him and worried him that perhaps her seeing the terrible scene before might have left a similar effect upon her like the night of the pirate attack. She was so precious to him that he could not bear to imagine her hurt and was pleased to see when he entered the room that she did not appear harmed at all. He did, however, know he would have to answer for his brash and curt attitude before, so he bowed his head a bit and set down the tea service upon a nearby table.

"Ashley, I'm--I'm so terribly sorry you had to see your brother like that and that I was so cold to you, but you must know it was the right thing to do."
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