lord_litchfield (lord_litchfield) wrote in teasdaleeol,

In town - Cigar shop

Lucien was walking slowly, up and down the isles, around the corners, listening to the shop keeper carry on a conversation that he had yet, to partake of. The man's incessant chatter was slowly driving him insane and he could not very well pick out his favored cigars with the man following him, speaking about the devil knew what.

Suddenly lord Litchfield turned on him, his dark eyes nearly black in the dim lighting of the shop. "My good man, do you think me a thief?" He asked pleasantly enough.

The shopkeeper's jaw fell and he looked a bit bewildered, "Uh, uh no my lord."

"Then go back to where you came from and let me in peace. Do I wish to make a purchase, you will be the first to know." It was all he said before he turned once more, presenting the man his back.
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