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The Hotel Nero del Gatto

Since he told Lydia he would not be long, Rian was going to speak to Jack about a few things and then settle himself in his office, concentrating on getting some much needed paperwork done. Most likely at that, he would end up taking most of it home with him. He did not like to be away from his wife for such long periods of time, especially since she was so ovbiously close to her due date.
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The sounds of loud, fast paced Spanish emanated from behind closed doors of the Hotel Nero del Gatto. Salvador's deep, ravenous beast-like bass voice grumbled through the walls of the place while his phrases were met with the sharp, crisp, vibrant qualities of Belicia's voice as the two quarrelled. Their rhythm of speech was disjoint, sudden long silences mixed with loud outbursts. The volume had slowly increased in a chilling crescendo over the last half hour and seemed to be reaching a violent peak.

Within the bed chamber Salvador's hand fumbled with the back of Belicia's blouse while his other hand held back her head by his tight grasp of her flowing, raven hair. His brow was profuse with sweat and his beard still saturated with the alcohol he had spilled when missing bringing his bottle to his lips. Forcefully he pressed his lips against her neck, intensely kissing and biting at her dark flesh as he still struggled to maintain his balance in his drunken state. His grasp, however, was not that of a drunken man but more like the grasp of lion upon the gazelle.

His heart was racing and his muscles throbbing as he pressed himself against her even more tightly, knowing that even if she refused him he would have her this very night. "Don't fight me Eugenia, you love me. I've waited for you so long and you won't even let me hold you!"
Her Spanish tongue was harsh, snappish, and at first strong with her conviction. But now, Belicia was fearful so her words were weaker, said with less bravado as she tried desperately to disengage herself from this man who held her so tightly.

"Let me go you filthy swine!" Her fingers tighted on his hand that fisted in her hair and she clawed at his fingers, trying to get him to release her. He stank, he was beyond drunk, and he was thinking her to be the woman he loved.

Ah, but he was so strong...

"Diego! I am not she! Look at me! Look at me! It is I, Belicia!" He pressed against her further until her back was hard against the wall. She had been in the hallway when Salvador had come upon her, she was going to thank Sybil for the use of her room the other night. But she never got a chance. Salvador had grabbed her small wrist and propelled her against him even as he opened the door to an unoccupied room.

Belicia was hot with anger, part of her still was; she was scared he was going to force himself upon her. And in the next moment, the sound of her blouse being torn from her body, jolted her like nothing else in her life had.

"Senor! Please! I beg of you!"
"Eugenia! Sshhh! Don't speak, I love you and finally we're together! Do not fight me--I know how you've missed me!" His slovenly, sloppy kisses grew more forceful on her neck and shoulders as his firm hand which had wrenched free her blouse began to explore the supple flesh of her exposed chest. He pressed himself against her so hard he could feel the air in her lungs begin to deplete.

When she kept crying out and squirming from underneath his grasp despite his efforts to calm her, he felt his blood begin to boil. Why are you doing this to me, Eugenia! She wasn't listening to him and his muscles grew even more taught with anger and carnal desires. With one hand he secured her wrists against the wall and with the other he reached for large vase on a table within armreach. He lifted it and shattered it on the floor next to the place where the two stood, shards of china striking their legs and feet. Using her moment of surprise and defenselessness, Salvador took his hand and wrapped it about her throat, pinning her against the wall and tightening his grasp so that she would finally be silenced. Tears had begun to flow from his eyes as his body still trembled with rage. Why couldn't she understand?

"Eugenia, now you'll never leave me again! We'll be together now, without oppressive brothers or stubborn attitudes. Our lives will finally be happy? Why do you try to run from me when I've finally made this future for us?"

He moved his hand to her skirt and began fumbling and pulling at it to remove it. If she could not understand how much he loved her from his words, he would simply have to show her with his body...
She was on her tiptoes held held against the wall, her fingers clawing at his hand; she had never been more frightened in her life and Belicia had a feeling that if he did not stop this torrid, drunken rant he was on, she would be the one to suffer for it.

In vain did she try to speak, to reason, but he was applying more pressure at her throat and her eyes were burining with unshed tears as she sucked in air as best she could.
Rian was in his office, his dark head bent over his desk when his door was opened and Jack walked in quickly, telling him that there was trouble upstairs.

Rian stood immediately and quickly made his way upstairs while Jack told him what he could of the situation. Once at the bedroom door, Rian quickly tested the door handle, finding it locked. He knocked and then yelled for Senor Diego to open the door.

Nothing, it was then Rian heard what sounded like breaking glass. He turned and nodded at Jack and both men leaned back and slammed their booted feet into the door, nearly breaking it off its hinges as they stormed in.

"Dear God!" Rian exclaimed as he saw Belicia de Rojas held by her throat against the wall. "Diego! Let her go!" Jack turned and ran, going for his shotgun that he kept below the counter of the bar, but Rian had nothing, just his own two hands and he held these up, showing the Spaniard that he was unarmed.

"Diego, come on man...let her go. You and I, we can go downstairs and have a nice cup of coffee in my office." He glanced at Belicia and tears were running down her face, but she was also struggling to take a deep breath.

"Diego..." he repeated, starting to walk forward.
The shock of hearing the door being broken down caused Salvador's grip to tighten on Belicia's throat. He thought he heard the sound of something cracking like his knuckles or her wind pipe. He looked back at the man, realizing him to be the proprietor of the hotel. His grip tightened further and he no longer could hear any noises emanating from Belicia's mouth.

Ignoring Mr. Fenton he turned back to Belicia, still believing her to be Eugenia, not even grasping the truth of the situation. When he had looked on Mr. Fenton it was as though he was in a daze, he hadn't truly seen him; his eyes and desires too focused on his beloved Eugenia. He pressed himself against her again and brought both hands to wrench her neck even more tightly. Still weeping terribly, Salvador kissed her lips repeatedly and kissed her swollen cheeks and eyes and hair, all the while strangling the girl to death.

Finally he felt her arms fall slack from prying his hands away and her body relax finally into his grasp. At last she would be peaceful! She would be calm enough to listen to him, to lie with him! He continued to kiss her lifeless body, not even giving a second glance to the man behind him.
Dear God! Dear God! "Diego! Let her go! By all that's holy man, you are killing her!"

Rian was a tall man, but his breadth in shoulders and chest did not come close to the Spaniards. But still, he had to try and do something. It was then he noticed her go slack, that her eyes closed and her mouth left hanging open as though she still tried to struggle for that last breath.

"Get away from her!" Surely he could help her still, pound on her chest or something, couldn't he?

Rian grabbed the man by the upper arm and tried yanking him back forefully, his arm already drawing back, his hand fisted.

"Where the hell are you Jack!"
When Salvador heard the voice behind him and felt the hand upon his shoulder something snapped inside him. He immediately threw Belicia to the ground so that he could turn round full and face the man who had just dared to intrude on his reunion with his lover. Salvador let out a deep, bear like cry as he started to run at the man full force, his shoulders lowered so that the strike would cause him to fall back upon the floor.

Once the two had landed upon the ground Salvador started throwing fists at the man's chest and face. He was pummeling him violently, harshly, ignoring the man's attempt at self defense. Salvador continued to grunt and growl and weep as he beat Mr. Fenton, not giving another thought back to the dead woman behind him.
Rian could only hold his arms up as best he could to bear the hard punches from Diego. The man was enraged beyond anything he had ever seen before, but soon, Rian was loosing what bit of momentum he had had going for him. Diego's drunken contidion made him act as a madman, plus his size was too much for Rian to hold off.

He felt blood running from his nose, his mouth, felt and heard a rib as it cracked and broke; soon he could do nothing by lie there, letting the man beat him to a bloody pulp. Just like Belicia, he felt Diego's hands wrap around his throat and begin to squeeze...

And somewhere in the back of his mind, he thought of Lydia, and his unborn sons. Before he passed completely out, he heard Jack screaming at Diego, heard the cocking of that shotgun...
Jack shouted at the Spaniard, "Ye get off of Mr. Fenton, ye bloody foreigner before I shoot ye head clean off ye shoulders!"

As it was, Mr. Fenton could be dead, for all Jack knew. But he was not about to let the insane Spaniard continue to beat him to a bloody pulp!

While grabbing his shotgun, Jack had been glad that he thought to send someone for the constable, for this man here was going to need to be shackled up tight.
Salvador's hands continued to wrench at the throat of Mr. Fenton, so blinded by his inebriated state and his vengeful rage he could not even look up to see the man aiming the shotgun at him. The world he had come to know in his mind no longer existed and the rules and consequences of it as well. His only drive was to silence the man like he did Belicia. Why wouldn't they be quiet and listen to him?!

He could finally hear Mr. Fenton's crys and pleading desist and his body fall limp under his grasp. Finally there would be peace for him! That was until he heard the shouting of another and then the sound of a gunshot...

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Jack held his shotgun steady and fired, hitting the Spaniard in the chest, the force knocking him backwards off of Mr. Fenton.

And it took a moment for Jack to realize what he had done before he scrambled and fell to his knees at Rian's side, bringing his ear low to the man's mouth.

"God dammit! Mr. Fenton! Wake up! Wake up!" Jack pounded upon his chest screaming over and over incoherant nothing's until he felt a hand on his shoulder, gentle yet with enough pressure to pull him back. And Jack looked up into the eyes of a man he had never seen before.

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