Llewelyn Bloom (llewelyn_bloom) wrote in teasdaleeol,
Llewelyn Bloom

A Blaze of Glory

Llewelyn stirred the embers of the fire in the hearth with a yawn as the long day wore on her. She placed the poker on it's stand and stretched her arms above her head and swept her loose hair into her hands before releasing it and letting it fall upon her back tickling her. Her nightdress swept the floor as she made her way to her bedroom and laid her head upon the pillow and let herself fall asleep within moments of doing so.

It was far too late when the smell drifted into her nostrils and roused her. The smoke burned her eyes as she forced them open and upon inhailing her chest heaved and she coughed as the ash and heat filled her lungs. There was nothing to be done. It was far too late for her to staunch the blaze that now engulfed her home and she stumbled from the bed looking for an escape. Her feet singed as they were placed upon the floor.

Breathing was becoming more and more difficult and the smoke clouded her vision as she stumbled through the darkness. Before long she collapsed gasping in the airless room as the area around her become hotter and the crackling roar of the flames that consumed her home was all she could hear. She thought to call out for help but lacked the strength. Before long the lack of oxygen slowed her breathing and she gasped her last breath before darkness over took her.

By morning all that remained of the pleasant cottage, and Llewelyn was the stone hearth of the fireplace and chared rubble.
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