Victoria Tilney (victoria_tilney) wrote in teasdaleeol,
Victoria Tilney

Ashbury Hall

As promised, the next afternoon, the Hawthorne's phaeton pulled into Ashbury Hall's lane shortly before tea. Victoria, now that she had time to consider, was actually a touch nervous, and that was hardly helping her to feel better. He'd mentioned his cheeks were a little pink yesterday; she hoped he'd recovered fully.

To add to her concern, Mrs. Hawthorne still didn't know why Victoria had been called out that evening; Victoria and Dr. Hawthorne, who knew the truth, had told her it was to care for a friend who had fallen ill. But as such, Mrs. Hawthorne couldn't have accompanied her, and Dr. Hawthorne had been busy with his congregation again. As such, Mariah was sitting beside her.

Currently, Mariah was scowling. "I don't like him, Vic. He's a cad."

"The one who tossed you in the pigsty?" she asked, knowing she was wrong but feeling obliged to ask anyway.

Mariah's features darkened, and Victoria instantly regretted bringing it up. "I meant Mr. Prescot. He's a cad."

"I'll try to remember to mention it to him," Victoria murmured in a tone implying she would do no such thing. "Are you sure you'll be all right?"

Mariah almost growled. "So long as they stay out of my way, I'll stay out of theirs," she said, in the same implying tone Victoria had used.

Victoria sighed as they came to a stop. She sent Dr. Hawthorne's card in.
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