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Continuation - The Hotel - The Fenton residence

Philip said to his steward, "Inform lady Sherbrook that I must go out, an emergency. I will not be home for the dinner hour." With that, Philip grabbed his pistol and was gone.

Thirty minutes later he was in the hotel room where, after speaking quietly to the bartender, Philip had three dead bodies to deal with.

Raking his hands back through his hair, he looked down at the notes he had penned and waited for the undertaker to arrive to collect the bodies. It was the brutality of the deaths that shook Philip. And now he was going to have to pay a visit to Mr. Fenton's wife. Letter's would have to be written; a Miss Eugenia Thorpe needed to be told. It was all of this about his work that he detested the most.

With men taking care of cleaning up, Philip gave Jack orders as far as the hotel goes to keep his mind preoccupied. When the undertaker arrived, Philip left.

The carriage ride to the Fenton estate did not last as long as Philip would have liked, and all too soon was he knocking on the front entrance door.

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