William Allen Collins IV (will_collins) wrote in teasdaleeol,
William Allen Collins IV

Calling Upon Poppy

William had decided that the carriage was unnecessary on such a fine morning as he made his way to Greenflax Narrows to inquire upon Miss Schellden's health. Since the dinner party the night before he had worried that her illness may have taken a turn for the worse and had spent most of his time fretting over his new friend's well-being.

He dismounted at the door to the house and handed his mare off to the servant before removing his hat, gloves, and great coat and leaving those along with his riding crop with the doorman. "I am come to inquire upon the health of Miss Schellden," he said to the man. He nodded and left as William lingered in the vestibule awaiting word from either Miss Schellden herself or perhaps that brother of hers, whom William had yet to have an actual conversation with.
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