Courtesan Sybil Akitt (sybil_akitt) wrote in teasdaleeol,
Courtesan Sybil Akitt

The Hotel Nero del Gatto; Front room.

Sybil had just slipped into her new gilded gown, with ivory underpinnings of fern-like lace, and felt the need to show it off a bit. Her money was dwindling due to her lack of customers, but she did not look it one bit. She spent it as lavishly as before because, well, if she was to go out, she would go out with a red hot flame.

Unfortunately, as of late, she had not been up to the chase. Even though she had sworn to Belicia that she was invigorated to begin, she felt a bit weary, and usually wished to stay in her bed all day, reading trashy French romance novels and eating expensive bon bons.

But finally she had realized what a lazy wreck she was becoming. It was after the initial realization then, and Sybil had brushed her hair until it had an immaculate sheen and nipped her cheeks to add a ruddy rouge. She sashayed into the entry-room of the hotel and absorbed herself with a large vase brimming with lily-of-the-vally, believing the color of the flora to be complimentary to her gown. She would wait until she was approached by a wealthy-looking gentleman, which she was sure would not be too long.
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