Victoria Tilney (victoria_tilney) wrote in teasdaleeol,
Victoria Tilney

The Tea Shop in Teasdale

Free now of more unsavory tasks like being questioned by the local constable and taking a bath to get the mud off, Victoria was taking a break from the most unsavory task of all: Mending Mariah's dress. It was muddy beyond hope, torn in a few places, and she despaired of fixing it.

She had sought a place where she would not think of Mr. Prescot; she wasn't sure if she was angry with him or amused. She hoped he was angry with himself.

"I saw no reason for you to give the book away," Mrs. Hawthorne said between cups of tea; it was a new blend, with spices from India, and she was sampling it for her fourth cup.

Victoria shook her head but didn't explain. There didn't seem any way to explain it, especially since she hadn't fully known what she was doing at the time. "Have you come to a decision about which tea you'd like to purchase, madam?"
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